Children learn best when they feel safe and relaxed

About us

-- Purposely built centre in 2020
-- Aim for the highest quality care and education for children aged 3 month-6 years old
-- Open 7am-6pm from Mon-Fri

We are inspired by the principles of Emmi Pikler and RIE, and guided by Te Whāriki –New Zealand early childhood curriculum. We acknowledge the dual heritage of Aotearoa/New Zealand.

We dedicated to create nurturing environment in which the children feel safe, loved, respected, have optimal experiences and are supported to unfold their own unique strength.

Genuine care, strong relationships, respectful interactions, and connections with nature, are the main characteristics of our practice.



We believe every child is a confident, and competent learner. With a highly trained and heart-centred teaching team, excellent Teacher: Child ratios, and primary care for each child, we ensure every child is to be seen, heard, understood and supported to unfold their unique strength.

Bush walk

Rich curriculum

Our unique location allows us to provide an enriched curriculum for our children, including regular bush walk, library visits, music session, cooking session, second language group and more. Children experience optimal learning opportunities every day, build skills and dispositions like risk taking, persistence, problem solving, and develop holistically.

Dramatic play

Natural environment

We bring nature into the centre, utilising loose parts, build protected areas, and create a calm, engaging and inviting environment where children can wonder, explore and are cultivated a love for learning

“The essence of education means that one tree shakes another tree, one cloud pushes another cloud, and one soul awakens another soul.”-Karl Theodor Jaspers

Wellbeing and belonging

Your child’s needs are our top priority. Our team are highly flexible in supporting your child’s wellbeing and learning – we make every effort to keep siblings together.

Fireman visit

Collaborative community

We work closely with parents, whanau and local community to build a collaborative community to support children’s learning and strengthen their own identity.

Nutritious meals

Our well-experienced centre chef makes us hot-cooked, tasty and nutritious meals on site every day.
Regular cooking session help children to develop life skills and life-long healthy eating habit.


Library visit

Library visit

Rich literacy experience and connect with local community


Music education

Ways of being expressive, emotional wellbeing, and aids in brain development


School ready

Build essential skills for school

Trust relatonships

Primary caregiving

Where secure and strong relationship develops.


Bush walk

Children reveal their real strength when they are in nature.



Language and cultural build on our capability and strengthen our unique identity.

Nutritious meals


build life skills and life-long healthy eating habit

A Nurturing Place With Heart

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Wall mural - family tree
"When I was looking for a place to entrust my then 9 month old boy, I was very fortunate to have found COZY CORNER. The centre is very clean and baby stuff are cleaned and sanitized often. This to me is a winner. Everyone is very sincere in trying to provide the kids the best care and attention possible. The philosophy of giving kids freedom to do things on their own is best... I cannot emphasize how good a decision it was to put the care if my lil boy in cozy corner's hands. Total peace of mind while at work."
"Cozy Corner just like a family. Not only my kids often don't want to go home when I go to pick them up. I want to stay too:)"
"What a good bunch of loving team.. Hope they enjoyed the Bush walk and explore the different things in Bush.. Well done Cozy Corner... Give them awareness.. Good on u Irene...Good management.. We feel sure and happy with u and team.. "
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79 Pilkington Road, Panmure, Auckland

Corner of Martin place and Pilkington road

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