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About us

-A Pikler and RIE inspired centre where care and education are interwoven.
-Every child is seen, heard, understood, and supported to grown and learn.
-Full of fun, wonder, adventure and discoveries.
  • Open from Monday to Friday at 7:00AM to 6:00 PM
  • Purposely built centre in 2020
  • Aim for the highest quality care and education
  • For children from 3 months to 6 years old
  • 3 Learning spaces: 0-2yrs, 2-3.5yrs, 3.5-6 yrs.
  • Better than Ministry ratios: infants 1:4; Toddlers 1:5; preschool 1:8
  • Highly trained and nurturing teachers
  • We are passionate to meet the unique and diverse needs of each child and family
Irene - Managing director

Managing Director

Irene Zhao

Why us

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Inclusive atmosphere

Our teaching team are passionate to meet the unique and diverse needs of each child and support the values of individual families. Through a range of channels, such as daily feedback, online communication, parent- teacher conference, surveys and cultural celebrations, parents and whānau’s voices are involved in the learning programme. Their aspirations are valued in children’s individual learning plan. Children and their families feel a sense of belonging and well-being in a nurturing environment.

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Inspired by the work of Emmi Pikler and Magda Gerber, we have created a warm, caring and respectful learning environment in which children feel secure, accepted, respected, and are comfortable spending time away from their family during the day. The key to this environment, is the trusting and reciprocal relationships between children, families, and the teacher. Through a primary caregiving approach, we ensure that in the Centre one teacher is committed to building a close relationship with each child and their family, so every child is seen, heard, understood, and supported to grown and learn.

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Developmental supportive

We have THREE specific “stage-related” learning spaces/rooms. There are regular opportunities for mixed-age group play. Our resources are rich in natural and heuristic resources. Kowhai room (Under 2s’) recognises that infants are competent individuals with their own agendas and should be treated with respect; Pohutukawa room (2-3s’) provides a rich and inviting indoor and outdoor environment/resources based on children’s interests and strengths; Kauri room (over 3s’) has a strong focus on assisting children in discovering who they are so they can express their own opinions and nurture their own ideas.

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Our curriculum is emergent and planned. Teachers create inviting and stimulating daily provocation and plan experiences based on the children’s current needs and interests, which offer opportunity for exploration and investigation. Music and Mandarin sessions offer more learning opportunities for children. Weekly library and bushwalk trips are full of fun, wonder, adventure, and discoveries. Getting ready for school programme helps 4- year-old children develop essential skills for primary school.

water play fun!

Celebrating interests& strengths

We offer a high-quality documenting system which celebrates individual children’s interests and strengths in their journey of learning and development. Each child has a portfolio book which their teacher adds to with stories about their interests, strengths and special milestones. Educa is an E-portfolio which connects centre and home environment and encourages parents to get more involvement in children’s learning and connect. Facebook whānau group, visual diary, Infants communication book, Getting ready for school book, are other ways to celebrate children’s learning.

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Nutritious & delicious food

We appreciate the quality of food that children eat significantly contributes to their growth and development and establishing a healthy eating habit can sets them up for life. We design our seasonal menus following the Heart Foundation’s guidance. Our well-experienced Centre Cook makes us nutritious and delicious meals on site with fresh ingredients. We also meet the needs of children who have food allergies or intolerances to certain foods or food groups, gluten free and specific dietary requirements.

Important Documents


Library visit

Library visit

Rich literacy experience and connect with local community


Music education

Ways of being expressive, emotional wellbeing, and aids in brain development


School ready

Build essential skills for school

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Primary caregiving

Where secure and strong relationship develops.


Bush walk

Children reveal their real strength when they are in nature.

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Language and cultural build on our capability and strengthen our unique identity.

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Partnership with Whānau

Meet the unique and diverse needs of the child and family

A Nurturing Place With Heart

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"I'm in love with this incredible childcare. The staff are out of this world and the environment is always friendly and loving and the staff are so attentive and organized. You really can't ask for a better childcare and you won't regret sending your child/children here."
"The teachers here are very friendly, helpful, and caring. The kids get to explore the library and they really enjoyed their weekly bushwalk. Highly recommended."
"My 2 children have been with Cozy Corner for few months now. They are very enjoy staying there with their lovely teachers. Teachers are very kind and helpful and very proactive to giving my children daily feedback. Thanks teachers!"
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