Our Philosophy

At Cozy Corner Educare we are inspired by the principles of Emmi Pikler and Reggio Emilia, and guided by the New Zealand early childhood curriculum – Te Whāriki. We acknowledge the dual heritage of Aotearoa/New Zealand and make conscious efforts to uphold the intent of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

We believe early childhood education should be a heart-centred practice and we strive to nurture a caring and inclusive community where people are valued, wellbeing are enhanced, relationships are strong, and everyone is encouraged to grow.  Our beliefs are aligned with the Maori concept, Manaakitanga, extending aroha to all people involved at our Centre.

We believe all tamariki are self-sufficient, confident and competent learners irrespective of background and ability. We provide a right environment in which they feel safe, loved, respected, and are supported to develop at their own pace, find out who they are and unfold to their full potential.   

We value trusting and reciprocal relationships between the tamariki, parents and kaiako. Through providing primary care for each tamaiti, along with fully present kaiako, sensitive observation, an unhurried manner, respectful interactions and rituals, we ensure both ākonga and whānau feel a sense of belonging, and every tamaiti is supported to flourish in a peaceful environment.

Our environment is home-like, inviting and stimulates wonder and curiosity. We draw resources from the natural world, thoughtfully source recycled materials and loose parts, create small areas, utilise the natural reserve by the centre, allowing tamariki time and space to freely explore and revisit previous experiences, encouraging their curiosity, imagination, creativity, problem solving and cultivate a love for learning.

We embrace whānau tangata and work in partnership with parents and whānau, encouraging their involvement in tamariki’s learning and the centre life. We provide regular outings to promote connections with our community and the wider world, forming a collaborative community of support for our tamariki.

Aroha   Respect    Relationship    Community

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